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DescriptionThe Company "Grijanjeinvest" was founded in Sarajevo in 1991. It was reestablished in 1995 in Pale and since than has been steadily growing and nowdays employs over 30 people.The main activity is design and construction of HVAC installations: air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration.The "Grijanjeinvest" has a permanent and extraordinary cooperation with the Department of Thermal Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade. Together with experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, and companies "Simon" Valjevo and "MPG KGH" Belgrade, we participated in repairing of HVAC installations of Holy Monastery Hilandar. In the last 20years we have worked devotedly on improving living standards applying modern, energy-efficient achievements in this field.
Organization Type Private company, Investment project owner/ representative (energy, environment.., Project developer, Business leaders in renewable energy, energy efficiency and more
CityPale, Srpskih ratnika 24 Google map
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    We offer hvac project design,knowledge

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