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Geolux d.o.o.

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DescriptionGeolux is producing advanced non-contact radar and ultrasonic based sensors for water flow monitoring. Our sensors are used worldwide for various water flow, wastewater flow, mass flow and industrial non-contact flow and speed measurements.
Organization Type Private company
CityZagreb, Rudeska 14 Google map
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      Waste water treatment

        Water Infrastructure


          Non-contact sensors for environmental and industrial water monitoring

          Geolux is manufacturer of advanced non-contact flow and surface velocity sensors used worldwide in environmental and industrial applications where real time accurate monitoring of water and mass flow is required. Our low power, very low maintenance sensors are ideal for streams, rivers and open channels and wastewater level, flow and surface velocity monitoring. Simple installation, IP68 protection, robust design and supporting software are the main advantage and reason why our sensors are rapidly growing in worldwide applications.

          Keywords: waterflow measurementflow sensorradarriveropen channelnon-contact
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