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DescriptionZeco is an Italian company with 50 years long experience in production of turbines for Hydro Power Plants. Each phase, from the production of hydraulic profiles to the fusions control, from the NC manufacturing to an accurate manual finish, is meticulously checked by Zeco quality control specialists. Zeco is specialized in the production of different type of turbines: Pelton, Francis; Kaplan; Submerged Kaplan; Hydraulic screw, Cross-flow. Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained through the years, Zeco develops and installs the whole power plant electric system. From the planning to the realization of the control- and protection system. From developing customized SCADA systems for an auxiliary remote power plant management, to the supply of low and medium voltage. Zeco provides after-sales services that include ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance and plant periodical monitoring, thanks to the implementation of a remote-control software package. Zeco has acquired its historical steel work partner called Mecos that produces forebay tanks electro-mechanical equipment (inlet gates and trash rakes) and Hydropower special products. Today ZECO, continuously growing in its human and technological resources, presents itself as a strongly integrated group that can offer single services or complete manufactured articles. Thanks to the know-how provided by Zeco’s in-house design and production structures, Zeco offers products and solutions to customers as a single, mature and competent counterpart. At Zeco, “The difference is inside”.
Organization Type Private company, Energy/ environment/  Water Agency and Association , Investor / Funding organisation, Investment project owner/ representative (energy, environment.., Water supply company, Project developer, Business leaders in renewable energy, energy efficiency and more
CityFara Vicentino, Via Astico 52/C Google map
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Energy production, transmission and conversion



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